Slots strategies
Going to a casino can be thrilling; the anticipation builds to breaking point as you watch the symbols of a slot machine spin and shine
before your eyes. What’s better is that you have access to all of this from the comfort of your own home. Numberless websites dot the internet landscape offering online casino play, but what sites offer the best play for your cash? Follow along as we got through some of features and strategies to help you win.

Ways to play

Three, five, and seven-reel slots

The first class of slots gives the feel of a classic casino experience and the simplest form of slot gaming. The three-reel system offers fewer combinations which make it easier to focus on what is happening in front of you.

Fewer combinations can mean less frequent payouts, but the trade-off is that the jackpots and payouts are potentially much higher than
the five and seven reel variations.

Five and seven reels, or video slots, offer more opportunities for combinations can be more exciting, and players can score more frequent payouts.


One of the advantages of five and seven reel slots is that they offer more pay lines. A pay line is the direct line of images in a slot
machine that matches up to create a payout. The more pay lines a slot has, the more likely you are to win with a spin. Understanding pay line is a simple as tic-tac-toe if you can draw a straight line through 3 or more matching images, you win.

When choosing an online slot, you will want to observe how many pay lines are offered by the game. The lines can be vertical, horizontal,
or diagonal. More options mean more chances to win. However, each pay line represents its own best, so it is easy to throw a lot of money into games with multiple pay lines without even being aware of how much you are spending.


Two basic jackpot types exist in the online slots world. The first is a fixed payout, which has a set degree of odds to win. Basically, no
matter how long you play, or how much money, your odds are always the same. There is also a fixed jackpot in this style, so you always know what you are playing for.

Number two is the progressive jackpot. This system increases the jackpot payout with each subsequent pay-in. Every time the jackpot isn’t
won, the number gets bigger. Usually, this type of game is linked across multiple users playing the game, so if you are playing progressive you are competing against other players who are linked to the same jackpot. The tradeoff is that the jackpots can be much larger than a fixed payout game.

Basic Strategies

Slots may seem like just pressing the button and hoping for the best, but you can utilize strategies to make sure that even if you aren’t
winning big you won’t lose big either.

Choose your bet amount

When playing slots, especially slots with several pay lines, it is easy to fall tempted to the allure of more money equals more winning.
However, sticking with a game that has mixed payouts, and determining your bet limits will mean that you will spend less per payout. Fixed payout slots will guarantee payouts once certain limits are reached. You may not know those limits, but you do know that they will pay out more regularly.

Small jackpots equal more frequent payout

When choosing a fixed payout game, stick to one that has a smaller jackpot amount. It may not be as cool or satisfying to win a $10 versus $100, but you will feel better when you log off with more money in your pocket thanks to a more frequent payout.
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